A WOMAN’S POT, A MAN’S STOMACHA collection of food poems is the first promo copy in the WOMAN series.

A WOMAN’S POT, A MAN’S STOMACH is a compilation with poems originally written for this collection by de crème a la crème of Nigerian poetry with the aim of creatively promoting and selling our food and culture across our shores.

This collection features food from various tribes and regions in Nigeria including banga, gbegiri, ewedu, amala, fufu or starch; oha, ofe onugbu, ofe nsala with pounded yam; fried plantain and egg, beans and rice etc.

Our aim is to remind our brothers and sisters living abroad that there is no place like home.

I hope you enjoy reading each poem in this book as much as I enjoyed compiling them. Let’s turn up the heat and get to devouring!

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