Principles of Econometrics

A Modern Approach Using EViews

Sankar Kumar Bhaumik Taal: Engels


€ 34,95

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Principles of Econometrics: A Modern Approach Using EViews is ideal for beginners in econometrics. It covers the undergraduate syllabi on econometrics taught at universities in India and abroad. Additionally, it introduces some advanced topics, such as panel data models, models with dummy dependent variable, and time series econometrics, which are important for empirical researchers in economics and other branches of social sciences. The book provides an applicational perspective to the subject of econometrics. It discusses the most modern tools of econometrics intuitively and uses simple algebra to establish results. For applications of the tools of econometrics, this book makes extensive use of data sets drawn from Indian sources and EViews software package. The steps followed in applications of EViews are systematically described, and the interpretations of results obtained from such applications are provided to help students acquire skills for econometric analysis. Written in lucid language and style, this book presents econometrics as an enjoyable and easy-to-learn subject for students of all categories. The book will be especially useful for students and researchers in economics, commerce, and management.
OUP India
Management, Economie & Communicatie
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