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Slow Food Lifestyle


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This bundle contains three best sellers written by Sara Cappelletti.
-The Mediterranean Diet
-Ketogenic diet for beginners
-Paleo diet for beginners 
These three diets are known as two of the healthiest in the world to lose weight, get fit, become a better person inside and out.
But ... more precisely ... 

What are the health benefits that can be obtained by following the Mediterranean Diet?
The foods recommended by the Mediterranean diet are rich in vitamins and have an antioxidant effect that affects the prevention of serious diseases such as cancer.
Choosing to follow a Mediterranean diet allows you to maintain a proper ratio between the amount of calories contained in food and the individual energy need, keeping the metabolism in balance and, consequently, the body weight.
The intake of good fats such as those of fish, omega 3 and 6, unsaturated and of plant origin, lecithin and phytosterols, also helps to fight the increase of triglycerides in the blood and to decrease the content of cholesterol, with benefits on the cardiovascular system . In this way, it is also possible to reduce the risk of stroke and heart attacks.
The benefits of the Mediterranean diet are also found in relation to longevity, protection of tissues and their deterioration, which thanks to this type of nutrition are preserved over time. Specifically, some studies show that telomeres, or those elements that help protect the chromosomes and their structure, are strengthened with benefits for all of DNA.

The nutrients contained in particular in olive oil have antioxidant effects par excellence and, in particular, help to prevent diseases of the nervous system such as Alzheimer's.
Eating foods containing mostly plant-based proteins helps to lighten the liver and kidneys, with an improvement in the process of eliminating toxins and substances that are harmful to the body.
Fruits and carbohydrates are recommended foods according to this type of food. Because of the healthy combination of foods, sugars remain stable, limiting the many disorders caused by diabetes.
The benefits of the Mediterranean diet are evident at a systemic level: not only does one part of the body benefit from it, but the whole organism is affected by its positive effect.
The ketogenic diet for beginners:
The ketogenic diet is a diet that provides meals rich in proteins and lipids and very poor in carbohydrates.
Its name derives from the fact that this type of feeding leads to the formation of so-called ketone bodies (acetone, acetoacetate and 3-hydroxybutyrate).
Its effectiveness is based on the assumption that low glucose levels force the body to derive energy from proteins and fats.
In addition, minimal levels of sugar keep insulin concentrations constant - the hormone that controls the use of glucose - avoiding the accumulation of fat.
The diet has two phases: in the first one focuses on the elimination of carbohydrates, while the second provides for the reintegration.
In general, the results are rapid, but a diet of this type subjects the body to a continuous and unhealthy stress.
In the absence of sugars the body is forced to spend more calories to convert fats and proteins into glucose.
At the same time, the secretion of hormones that promote the disposal of fats and decrease appetite is stimulated.
For these reasons, if the goal is to lose weight, the ketogenic diet is effective.
Paleo diet for beginners:
Paleo is not just another fad diet; it is the diet humans were designed to eat. But getting started on any new diet can be challenging—even one as primal as Paleo.

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