Gabby Grimm Fairy Tale Mysteries Deputy Grimm to the Rescue

Sara M. Barton Taal: Engels

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Three books from the popular series in one package -- Meet gutsy, goodhearted Deputy Gabby Grimm, the only female officer in the Latimer Falls Sheriff's Department as she takes on big city trouble in rural Vermont!

SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTER #1 -- She's got her work cut out for her when ruthless terrorists come a-calling! As the war on terror invades her idyllic Vermont village, Gabby refuses to surrender. While working on an antiterrorist software program for Ramparts Manufacturing, Jonathan Klarsfeld is brutally murdered at his lakeside cabin and his family is taken hostage. Enter Sam Hogan, Army counter-terrorism specialist. He shakes, rattles, and rolls his way into Gabby's world with a flash bang! She and her colleagues join forces with Sam and the Vermont State Police to rescue the Klarsfeld family. In the breathless blink of an eye, the wild chase is on and all bets are off on what happens next!

WHERE'S HANSEL AND GRETEL'S GINGERBREAD HOUSE? #2 -- A desperate plea from Cousin Annette takes Gabby to NYC just before Christmas, to unofficially hunt for a missing co-worker at Frist and Company. The FBI had an inside man on the job. When the heart of an ugly construction fraud surfaces, his bosses squeeze him to produce results for the DOJ, but he's got it bad for Annette, and that ain't good. Desperate to help her cousin navigate her way out of this legal mess and keep Annette from being incarcerated for the holidays, Gabby stumbles into an even bigger danger. The devious villain is determined to carry out his lethal plot to get away with murder!

LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD AND THE SECRET COOKIE RECIPE #3 -- Willie Dumfries is the real deal, a Big, Bad Wolf who will stop at nothing to punish Sheriff Rufus Parteger. On a romantic night with her Army Special Forces boyfriend, Sam Hogan, Gabby unexpectedly finds the Parteger family car abandoned in a parking lot. The sheriff's teenage daughter is later rescued, but Willie Dumfries has a far more extensive and powerful reach than anyone imagined. When Mary Ellen Parteger is snatched a second time, this time right out of the Vermont Department of Public Safety building, an unofficial hostage rescue team is quickly assembled from an odd mix of deputies, state troopers, FBI agents, and Special Forces soldiers, who must find the corrupt cop in their midst, rescue the girl, and locate the rest of the missing Parteger family before Willie can finish the job.

ebook EPUB
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