Finding Your Rosy Path

Sedona Summer Taal: Engels

ebook EPUB

€ 8,99

Finding Your Rosy Path

ebook EPUB

€ 8,99

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Mission Statement

of 'Finding Your Rosy Path'

To be inspirational, and uplifting.

To share what is true.

To realize the need to slow life down.

To appreciate the little things and cherish each moment.

To remain disciplined, persistent, and maintain focus.

To be prepared to radically change any perspective and

adjust an attitude as the needs arise.

Finding You Rosy Path by freeing your spirit

We need to take back our power from what may

have damaged us along the way. In our lives, a parent, teachers, a boss, a friend, a spouse or even a bus driver may have lashed out to us at times, while they were in a state of fear. This could have caused damage to our souls.

We need to examine these times, review them, understand them for what they were and set the record straight in our hearts and in our minds. Understanding and forgiving will help to free our souls. Our souls were intended to be loving, not fearful and doubtful.

ebook EPUB
Sedona Summer
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