I of the Patriarch


The Patriarch Saga, #1

Shane D Hughes Serie: The Patriarch Saga | Taal: Engels

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I of the Patriarch

The Patriarch Saga - Book One

Charles Andersen grew up in a quiet bayside town, taunted by schoolyard thugs and left traumatized throughout his teenage years in the wake of a life-changing tragedy.

But Charles will soon discover that his troubles are only beginning, for shortly after reuniting with his high school sweetheart in New York City, a bizarre sequence of unimaginable events turn his unassuming world upside down.

From the startling discovery of strange abilities, to the harrowing ordeal of a nightmarish nuclear-fueled attack on one of the world's greatest cities, his very existence begins to resemble the far-fetched plot of a blockbuster superhero movie.

But nothing will prepare him for what lies ahead, for Charles Andersen will come face to face with the astonishing truth about life and death and the world he thought he knew, something the likes of which he would never have imagined in his wildest dreams.

An impossible otherworldly revelation that will change everything... forever.

ebook EPUB
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