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The Deception Section: A Novel


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Last night Tennant Truman got drunk and fell asleep in Tokyo.

This morning he awoke in Los Angeles with a terrible hangover... and no memory of the last five years of his life.

Not a good day to be pursued by a Chinese assassin...

Fans of The Bourne Identity and The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo won’t want to miss this thrilling novel of suspense spanning two continents!

His every memory of the last five years is gone. The girl he loved replaced by a woman he doesn’t recognize. Where before he could only speak English, now he’s fluent in Chinese, Japanese and Russian. A briefcase of enormous value has been left with his ex-girlfriend for safekeeping. And he is pursued by Zhang— a Chinese assassin, who wants to use him as a pawn in a game of international dominance. What happened to Tennant Truman? The only way he can find out... is to stay alive.

From Inside The Novel…

There was a coldness to her voice. It kind of freaked me out.

“Well,” I said, trying to be helpful, “why don’t you move into—”

“We’ll just get stuck in that lane, instead.”

It had been like this since she arrived that morning, and her mood seemed to be blackening. Now that she saw me back in normal clothing, maybe the situation was beginning to sink in.

“Listen,” I said, trying to be diplomatic, “maybe we got off to a bad start.”

All I got was silence from her. I looked around. Such a nice dash. And those controls, so well designed. And a flappy-paddle gearbox. What technology!

“It’s a nice set of wheels you got here,” I said. “You have real good taste in automobiles.”

Vivian looked over. “You brought it home without telling me. I wanted a Prius.”

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