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The aim of the book is to give a smooth analytic continuation from basic subjects including linear algebra, group theory, Hilbert space theory, etc. to number theory. With plenty of practical examples and worked-out exercises, and the scope ranging from these basic subjects made applicable to number-theoretic settings to advanced number theory, this book can then be read without tears. It will be of immense help to the reader to acquire basic sound skills in number theory and its applications.
Number theory used to be described as the queen of mathematics, that is, there is no practical use. However, with the development of computers and the security of internet communications, the importance of number theory has been exponentially increasing daily. The raison d'être of the present book in this situation is that it is extremely reader-friendly while keeping the rigor of serious mathematics and in-depth analysis of practical applications to various subjects including control theory and pseudo-random number generation. The use of operators is prevailing rather abundantly in anticipation of applications to electrical engineering, allowing the reader to master these skills without much difficulty. It also delivers a very smooth bridging between elementary subjects including linear algebra and group theory (and algebraic number theory) for the reader to be well-versed in an efficient and effortless way. One of the main features of the book is that it gives several different approaches to the same topic, helping the reader to gain deeper insight and comprehension. Even just browsing through the materials would be beneficial to the reader.
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