The Petticoat Journal

Money and the Indian Woman

Shruti Kohli Taal: Engels


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Whether you're single or married, a dependent relative or an independent professional, an indulgent grandmother or a thrifty businesswoman, money plays a key role in your life. And, let's face it, dealing with it is almost always a challenge. Financial independence does not necessarily mean freedom from financial stress-what to do with the money you have is often as nerve-wracking a proposition as getting the money.
In today's world, when money is a key factor in determining many things, including your relationships with family and peers and the way you handle your work-life balance, it is absolutely essential to master your money-and The Petticoat Journal tells you how.
Find out how to:
. Manage your budget even if you have limited resources.
. Negotiate the tricky trenches of 'yours, mine, ours'.
. Circumvent the baggage of societal expectations.
. Figure out where you go wrong with spending/saving and how to get past it.
. Work around people's demands and do the best for your own financial security.
. And much, much more.
With advice, anecdotes, theories, explanations and some good, old common-sense plain-speaking, this is a handy guide to managing your money that you absolutely must read.
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