It's My Choice

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About the Book

The world we live in is a complex mixture. Whatever you can think of - whether pleasant or painful, sweet or bitter, good or bad, small or big - is available in it. It is thus very imperative for you to know and understand some fundamental facts that can move you forward and bring fulfillment to your life in its entirety.

To some, life is a game of luck. It gives you whatever it wants without considering your opinion. They believe that no one really has a say over his or her destiny. They just encourage you to accept whatever life offers you. They refer to it as your lot or fate and conclude that you cannot do anything to alter it.

I am writing this book to let you know that you don’t have to sit down waiting in vain for life to give you what you deserve. It is what you demand from it that you have. Your destiny is, therefore, not in the hands of anybody but in your own hands. You are the one who determines, to a very large extent, what you get out of life.

God has a good plan for everyone He created. A glorious destiny awaits all of His children. He wants you to prosper and be healthy. That good plan and glorious future may however, be a mirage. It may not come to reality if you don’t arise and act. For some, it may be delayed. For others, it may be diverted. A few others may never become who they were destined to be throughout their sojourn in this world. A man destined to be great may never become great if he folds his hands and does nothing about his life.

Beloved, you have to take charge of your life. Assume responsibility for your destiny. It is up to you. God has a great role to play but it is not all of God and none of you. As a matter of fact, God has done all He needed to do to give you a truly good life. It is now left for you to do your own part.

In Africa, especially in Nigeria; we are quick to blame our corrupt political leaders for our woes. We trace all our problems to bad governance. Some even blame their ancestors for their poor status. When are we going to start taking responsibilities? Even in all our churches, the Devil and his cohorts are the ones we accuse for every wrong thing in our lives.

I do not believe it is right for anyone to just sit down and believe that he cannot do anything anymore about his or her situation. The Bible is full of records and testimonies of men and women who altered the course of their lives and changed their lot from bad to good and from bitter to sweet.

Whatever you are going through is not permanent. Your situation is not final. It is too early to conclude that all is over. You can effect a change while you are still alive. That is what this book is all about. It will tell you how you can take charge of your life and determine your future by the choice you make, the thought in your mind, the desire of your heart, your prayer, your faith, your confession, your deeds, your companions, your prophet, and ultimately, your time.


Evangelist and Author

Akure, Nigeria

September, 2016.

ebook EPUB
?Oki Olusola Bayode
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