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If You Only Knew


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When two people are so right for each other that it would be wrong if they weren't together, even if both of them are married...

Aimee and Tristan thought they were happily married to their spouses, but an undeniable attraction between them proved them wrong. A story of love, extra-marital affairs and two people who, under no circumstances, could stay away from each other.
As things are heating up between the two of them, their relationships with their spouses start deteriorating.
Tristan feels Aimee is putting too much pressure on him to leave Gwen, but startling news shakes the foundation of their already fragile relationship.
Not so close encounters lead to a lot of questions from family members, and when a near-fatal accident changes the lives of everyone involved, will true love prevail?

**Contains adult themes, mild violence, moderate language and sexual content**
*Not suitable for readers younger than 18 due to the aforementioned themes*

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