The Legend of Nyla Runningbrook


Nyla Runningbrook, #1

Spikes Donovan Serie: Nyla Runningbrook | Taal: Engels

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Imagine a world where women don't count. That is, until a teenage girl named Nyla Runningbrook steps up to bat! Because she alone knows the truth of the past and recognizes the injustice of the present, only she can see the possibilities of the future.

When two young girls in her village are sold to the Village Federation Chief, Nyla and her friends spring into action to free them. But what starts out as a simple jailbreak turns out to be a battle to save not only herself and her friends, but her village and the world as she knows it.

Join Nyla, Rhys, Chad, and Sef as they plunge headlong into a Katie-bar-the-door, ironmolding, life-changing battle against the Village Federation armies and the forces of Retropia. Follow them through the primitive cities of twenty-third-century Tennessee as they try to fight for each other and the people they have come to love.

Retropia - Book 1, The Legend of Nyla Runningbrook is the first book in an epic adventure that pits a girl and her friends against a world of oppression and death. This book is suitable for ages thirteen and up while still being suitable for adults!

ebook EPUB
Spikes Donovan Publishing
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