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The Paradise Induction


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Based on a true story, comes the first novel in the Taking off My Shoes series…The Paradise Induction

25 year old Christopher Charles made a vow 10 years ago.

With £200 in his pocket, he's forever escaping his home, the City of London for the Caribbean Islands to start a new life, and pursue his ambitious writing career. No turning back!

Awaiting him is a young, single bachelor's paradise – a beach-bartending job, hot sun, delicious cocktails, beautiful women, and good West Indian food.

On arrival, Chris catches a lucky break when he's quickly head-hunted for a journalist job – his dream is coming true!

But no one told Chris that he would have to be tested for his right to enjoy Caribbean paradise, and this is where the relentless nightmare begins…

With no support and no law on his side, Chris' first trial finds him locked in a shockingly abusive employment death-trap with a psychopathic, megalomaniac employer, who wants Chris' full submission to the job, or his deportation.

And this is just the very start of The Paradise Induction...

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