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Facebook for Business: How to Make Your First $100,000 Using the Power of Social Media Marketing


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Many people have tried using social media to grow their business and create a passive income but failed. Places like Facebook and twitter are Goldmines for entrepreneurs but only few people are able to use the right strategies to create a good following and the reoccurring purchases and traffic. This is because the less you know about the right strategies, the less competition the gurus have to deal with.

Facebook for Business have revealed several ways to optimize Facebook traffic, secure reoccurring costumers and sell the right products to the right people. This involves different income generation methods that can lead to a reoccurring and growing stream of profit. You will be shown exactly how one of these methods generated over $2000 on a single Facebook account within few weeks.

Odessa Berry, owner of a Pet Clinic in New York used one of these methods and made in 2 months what she used to make in a year.

After reading just the First and Second Chapters of this book you will start to see Facebook in a different way, to use each and every feature for boosting your income on a daily basis.

For example, in Chapter 8, The Facebook Killer ROI method was used last week to reach 1.9 million users with the simple tweak listed, which generated over 17,800 sales on a single product. Today you can take advantage of this new tweak and independently create the life you want.

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