Sons of Thunder


Brothers in Arms, #1

Susan May Warren Serie: Brothers in Arms | Taal: Engels

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From a RITA winner and USA Today bestseller, and winner of the Carol Award comes an epic love story of betrayal and redemption.

Markos Stavros wants to be a man of honor…

The last thing Markos Stavros expects on the eve of his brother’s wedding is to say goodbye to the land—and family--he loves. But a tragic event forces him to flee his beloved Greece, taking with him his younger brother Dino and the girl he loves, Sofia Frangos. With promises to care for both of them, Markos must trust a man he’s never met—his uncle Jimmy, the owner of a café during the bootleg era of Al Capone’s Chicago. Suddenly Markos is in a world he doesn’t understand, forced to make sacrifices he can’t live with. When he’s forced to choose between family and the woman he loves, he makes a desperate attempt at freedom…

Dino Stavros longs to forget the promises he broke…

The last promise Dino made to Markos was to watch over Sofia. But ten years later, Dino has put the tragedies of Chicago behind him, diving into his new life as a medical resident in Minneapolis, his promises forgotten. The world is not large enough, however, to keep him from reuniting with Sofia, and the reminders of all they lost together. When Pearl Harbor destroys his dreams, he turns to the one woman who truly knows him for comfort and redemption, only to find himself in the middle of a terrible betrayal. His only chance for honor comes in the battlefields of France—but is it too late to keep his promises?

Sofia Frangos' heart has been broken twice…

Sofia can’t believe she’s lost both the men she loved, but she will have to put her grief behind her if she hopes to survive the German occupation of Greece. More, she’s become a link to the OSS agents helping to plot a British invasion. But what will freedom cost her? And can Markos and Dino finally keep their promise to protect her?

From the sultry Chicago jazz clubs of the roaring twenties to the World War II battlefields of Europe to a final showdown in a Greek island village, the Sons of Thunder will discover betrayal, sacrifice and finally redemption.

ebook EPUB
SDG Publishing
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