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She raised one hand and flattened it to his chest. Leaning in, she laid her cheek beside it and wrapped one arm around his waist. Her delicate shape fit perfectly against him, her waist placed exactly where his hands naturally landed. But greater than that was the thought she'd put herself there and how much he liked it.

Martina Spalding moved south to live with her billionaire half-brothers in a desperate need to start over. Her legal career having hit the proverbial glass ceiling, perhaps, a new environment and an improved relationship with them will set her back on her feet.

Chaz Dupree grew up in the shadows, the hidden result of an affair between two wealthy families. But placed in the public eye, his long years of loneliness and resentment finally explode. He's the bad boy of the clan and destined to stay that way.

Except, Martina sees a better man, a softer one, capable of love and deserving happiness, and his brother, Atlas, believes he can be depended on in a personal crisis. Images that require him to swallow his pride and trust God, or lose everything.

Book 7 of 7, the final story, in the BILLIONAIRE BOYS CLUB.

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