The Other Side of the World: Books 1-3


The Other Side of the World

ebook EPUB

€ 3,49

The Other Side of the World: Books 1-3

ebook EPUB

€ 3,49

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With masterful storytelling, this box set explores the themes of survival, trust and love in its purest form, and takes you on a journey to faraway places before leading you back home again. This stunning collection of Contemporary Romance Stories will surely change the way you look at life.

The Other Side of the World: Rowan’s Story

Sometimes, love can surprise you…

Rowan McClain has everything a girl could ask for, except for love. Army Lieutenant Luke Cartwright has only one thing on his mind. And it’s not love. But when the two begin exchanging letters, anything is possible.

The Other Side of the World: Talia’s Story

Her mission in life is simple: Make a difference in the lives of others…

After three tours in the Middle East as an Army physician, Talia Fournier accepts a position in a field hospital in South Sudan. Love was never part of the plan. But when she finds herself falling for the sexy and insufferable Jack McCabe, she begins to reevaluate her life.

His only fear in life is falling in love…

But when Dr. Jack McCabe meets the breathtaking new doctor, his resolve begins to crumble. And when Talia decides to adopt a seven year old orphan, Jack realizes an even greater fear: becoming a father.

The Other Side of the World: The Christmas Gift

Sometimes, the greatest gifts are the ones we least expect…

For Dr.’s Talia Fournier and Jack McCabe, life could not be better. After serving as physicians in a field hospital in South Sudan, they have a newfound appreciation for modern conveniences and the safety that a civilized world has to offer.

But when Talia’s father makes a shocking revelation over dinner one night, she feels as though her life has just been leveled by a mortar blast. As she struggles to fit the pieces of her life back together, she turns inward, refusing help from those who love her the most, including the man’s whose ring she now wears.

ebook EPUB
Suzanne Whitfield Vince
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