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Sylvie Short Taal: Engels


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""......Clive was, at that very moment, unearthing a piece of family history so staggering that it caused a smile to spread across his face and linger there for a very long time. Clutching a small black book, the source of his newly acquired knowledge, very close to his chest, he crept stealthily out of the room at Manor Farm that had, until recently, been occupied by his Aunt Evelyn, and made his way silently down the stairs. His Grandmother Isobel dozed in her room a few doors away; his Uncle Geoffrey put a new thoroughbred through her paces out in the paddock; and Claude leaned on a gate, surveying with satisfaction a field almost ready to harvest. None of them could have guessed what their least favourite relative had in his possession as he clanked and rattled back to Monk's Manor in his sister's Morris Minor......"
Secrets kept with the best of intentions...lies told deliberately to wound - both combine with tragic consequences for Crystal. Will she find a way to life and happiness following the astonishing revelations surrounding her birth; or will Clive succeed in ruining her and hound her to death?"
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