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Tears Beauty & Dreams


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A compilation of three abridged memoirs depicting a life that among other matters shows how resilient the human spirit can be, especially that of women. This true tale commences with the young girl enjoying the wonder of a very happy loving caring family home. However, matters where to change dramatically with an untimely loss. From there on her innocence, loving nature and incredible naivety, combined with her natural beauty, were taken advantage of by both family and strangers.

This woman’s story is truly more intense than fiction. Within it the readers will come across: War; Torture; Domestic violence; Sexual abuse; Near murder; Single parenthood; Lesbian violence; Pimps; Rampant jealousy; Gunman; Homelessness; Love; Wealth; Poverty; Threats of being cut into pieces and of being shot; Snakes; Degrading abuse of relatives; And much more. The cruelty and meanness of people truly comes through. Nevertheless, overall this is a story of survival despite the odds. And, of course there are some of the more amusing events everyone experiences form time to time even if they are few and far between.

***** A brilliant tribute to a brave and courageous woman you cannot help but admire more than any other writer whose biography I have read. Every woman should read this book and gain strength from it. (From review of the first book in the series.)

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