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Chasing the Wrong Angel


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With the exceptionally high divorce rate these days, any right thinking person would imagine that Shu Hansel's decision to get married at the age of seventeen is pure insanity. Surprisingly, his union with Kien Stephanie (fourteen) from the beginning has all indicators to prove that it is indeed a match made in heaven. But for the next five years after marriage, they do not live together because Hansel moves to the UK for his undergraduate and post graduate studies in Business Management. Being a country with different values, culture and way of life, will he return to Bamenda (Africa) the same person? Besides, will he see a wife in the woman he married five years earlier more especially as unknown to his family, his relationship with Marion within the five years away has gone far beyond mere friendship?

As events unfold, Hansel's intention to completely forget about Marion left back in the UK and concentrate on his wife on his return home does not go as planned. His has only one desire and it is to continue enjoying life from where he left off with Marion. With no intention to make children, news of Stephanie's pregnancy soon send their relationship on a downward spiral. Strange as it may sound, it happens coincidentally at the same time when Marion is repatriated from the UK. Within a short time, she hooks up with him via email. Caught up between a wife he is very disappointed with and a concubine he can find solace in, he decides to get back together with her. Convinced after some reflection that Marion is actually the woman meant for him, he is prepared to do everything humanly possible to prove his love for her. But reciprocating Hansel's love is not on her agenda. Instead, after forging a personal relationship with his pocket, she is determined to get whatever she wants from him using the only thing she has. She finally succeeds but Hansel's willingness to satisfy her endless demands soon puts him on an economic free-fall with a crumbled business and a chain of unpaid loans. One of his angry creditors who has no hope of ever recovering his money decides to invite assassins to join the dance. Where to hide has added to his headache on where to find money. Is he going to survive?

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