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Psychology for You and Me: Self-help Strategies to Enrich Our Lives


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This book is about the power of thought. How we manage ourselves and our lives is dependent on our thinking. And our thinking is governed ultimately by the structure of our brains.

By better understanding your brain and how it deals with your stress, you can begin to make sense of your anxiety within the framework of positive psychology. You can learn to manage your life constructively rather than in a negatively destructive way.

There are simple psychological and biological explanations illustrated with easy to understand graphics, along with many examples covering everyday situations and problems. All of these therapies show the benefits to be had from controlled thinking. Anyone who genuinely wants to can acquire the skills of controlled thinking as presented in these pages.

Psychology for You and Me puts you in the driver's seat. It gives you the option to delve as deeply into the background science as you want to. You can stick with practical suggestions and simple explanations, or go deeper into the biological detail, as for example with the reward system, neuro-plasticity and epigenetics. If you are interested, you can even find out more about the biological and evolutionary background of early human life on Earth.

Valerie Jay has spent years studying neuroscience and psychology and this easily-read volume is the result. Psychology for You and Me is for anyone interested in training their minds, to connect with their brains, to better handle their worries, to lead a richer more fulfilling life.

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