Taken By A Rake Part 2 - 5 Steamy Historical Short Stories

Vanessa E Silver Taal: Engels

ebook EPUB

€ 4,45

Taken By A Rake Part 2 - 5 Steamy Historical Short Stories

ebook EPUB

€ 4,45

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Taken By A Rake Part 2 - 5 Steamy Historical Short Stories

Total word count 23,727

Please note that each of these short stories can all be bought as a standalone single story.

Taken by the Woodsman

Jane is taken by much surprise when she is kidnapped and whisked away most unexpectedly by a mysterious woodsman on a trip out with her maid.

The woodsman’s name is Gareth and he is determined that Jane should be his. However despite his hopes he promises Jane that the decision will be in her hands whether she stays with him or not, all he asks of her is that she gives it seven days to get to know him so he has time to gain her favour.

Taken by the Highwayman

Lady Simmons feels frustrated by her mundane life and longs for adventure and excitement.

Surprisingly for Lady Simmons she may just get her wish when the notorious highwayman named, ‘The Red Bandit’ captures and whisks her away, with the promise of fulfilling all of her desires!

Looking After Her Lady

Lydia finds herself feeling very much frustrated being stuck in a passionless marriage to her wealthy but much older husband who is far more interested in making money than turning Lydia into his true wife in not just name only.

What is a Lady to do in such a predicament? When Lydia finds herself increasingly admiring the very attractive steward of her new home, she begins to get an idea!

The Reluctant Betrothal

Lady Sofia Chester and Lord Kane Maxwell are both very reluctant to be wed in an arranged marriage to each other, set up by their eager parents. Sofia having no desire to be shackled to whom she believes will be an old bore, and Kane, who much prefers to stay firmly committed to a simple life of warfare serving both his King and country.

But have they both made their judgement and opinion far too quickly on the institute of marriage, for when they meet for the first time they may just find themselves eating their words and having a complete change of heart!

Her Lady’s Lesson

Lily is determined to rebel against her warden Lord Lucas Martin, hoping her disruptive behaviour will lead to her being sent away.

Unbeknownst to her Lord Martin has no intention whatsoever of letting Lily just to walk off and leave him. Furthermore, he is certain that he knows just how to gain her obedience and complete submission to him.

All it will take is one eventful lesson with him as Lily’s teacher!

ebook EPUB
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