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The Bouncer (An Erotic Romance Short Story)


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Eva Thompson has just become the waitress of a nightclub known as The Octagon. On her first day of work, she gets on the wrong side of the nightclub’s head bouncer, Jack Harrow. The MMA fighter turned bouncer has little tolerance for absentminded waitresses. The free-spirited waitress and the reclusive bouncer immediately clash at each encounter. However, her anger turns to admiration as the bouncer saves her from an attack by some thugs.

As she recovers in Jack’s home, the two become closer as they learn more about each other. After a personal tragedy, the former MMA fighter turned away from an opportunity to fight in the UFC and become famous. She becomes humbled by Jack’s humility and loyalty to The Octagon’s crew. Eva falls hard for the former champion as she learns of his past accomplishments. However, she soon learns of his tragic past and how it led him to give up fighting for sport. There are some wounds from fights that are beyond the mere physical. Can Eva mend this fighter’s guilt-ridden heart?

EXPLICIT: This 9700 word story contains graphic language and imagery such as hot, steamy sex scenes! This erotic romance might be too intense and vivid for some to handle!

His lips were so close to mine. “Jack…”

“However, you’ve shown me there is more to life than fighting. I want to be with you, Eva.”

And just like that, we had our first kiss. My lips parted like they were eyelids after a long, blissful sleep. His lips were so soft like an unexpected but welcomed embrace. I was a rose ripening under the warmth of sunlight. However, Jack was more like a wildfire than the somber rays of the sun. Desire burned within him like an overfed furnace.

Jack’s hands brushed past my hips and onto the swell of my buttocks. My hands grabbed fistful of his tough, muscular chest. The passion locked within him had gone wild as nearly bowled me over. It was the destruction of the tension that had existed since he had met me.

Suddenly, Jack lifted me up and carried me in his arms. I stared at the unerring concentration in his eyes as he carried me to his room. As he laid me on his bed as if I was a newborn, he began to tug at my clothing. He wanted to get to the soft flesh encased within the cloth. The feeling was mutual as I pulled at his T-shirt. It felt carnal like I was cracking open an oyster to get at the succulent meat inside.

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