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Wee's Wisdom


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As I approach 78 I wonder, what have I learned, what’s it all about, why all the things have happened, what are the lessons I’m to have learned.
I know the changes have been many and varied. I’ve gone from some dim belief in something to Catholism, to atheist wanna be, to a spiritual being who believes in God; tho I’ve had to first get a female image of God; then added the male image. Now I have the Mother and Father who are with me.
Today when I talk to God (everyday) I talk to the Father and the Mother. I feel the presence of both and it’s what works for me. I guess the secret is that. What works for you.
I remember in AA we were taught to come to believe in a power greater than our self. What ever that was. Today I believe that each of must come to believe; believe in a way that works for us. I just wish the rest of the world could get a handle on how very personal ones belief is. I wish we could be tolerant and accepting of our differences. Maybe someday.
Anyway I digress.
I want to share with you in a number of short essays. I want to share the wisdom I have gained in my 77 plus years of experience.
Talk to me in five years and it might be different.
My desire is to help others find their way through the moguls. Hopefully some of my experience strength and hope will become yours.
We’re all on a journey to peace of mind and comfort. A journey of finding our faith.

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