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Children's Story Book: A Pirate Ship - Young Empire's Journey 1


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A Pirate Story Book for Children - Young Empire's Journey 1

Captain Lionel Antis sailed the seas on his pirate ship for decades building a fierce reputation as a bloody and vicious pirate. Then he discovers that magic is real and sets off on a quest to find it for himself in a desire to be the most powerful man to sail. He begins to build a crew of young boys, boys who would not question his orders or his mission to gain magic.

Eventually Captain Antis, growing old and full or regret, discovers he already has the magic he looked for all along. He built a legacy through the boys of his crew and his ship Young Empires. It is then that he decides to turn the ship over to his first mate, William Tooke.

William was a very smart young man, a boy of sixteen but wise beyond his years. Captain Antis had taught him well. He accepts Young Empire from Lionel Antis and becomes Captain Tooke. In his role of Captain he faces a need to protect his crew of boys as they sail the dangerous waters of the Indian Ocean.

Armed only with a leather bound journal and a magic glass Captain Tooke leads his crew on a quest to locate a magically hidden island. Captain Tooke accepts the help of an old magic man who sends Captain Tooke inland to the mountains for some special ingredients that he will need to penetrate the magic of the hidden island.

Captain Tooke is sent on a long journey to the new world for special ingredients and faces a terrible man named Krull who is determined to take the ship Young Empires from the boy captain. Krull follows Young Empires on its journey which leads to a battle.

Tested by battle and adventure young Captain Tooke carries out his mission to find the secret island and to obtain magic to protect his ship and his crew of boys from the dangers they face as sailors.

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