Enterprise Architecture for Global Companies in a Digital IT Era

Adaptive Integrated Digital Architecture Framework (AIDAF)


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This book investigates solutions incorporated by architecture boards in global enterprises to resolve issues and mitigate related architecture risks, while also proposing and implementing an adaptive integrated digital architecture framework (AIDAF) and related models and approaches/platforms, which can be applied in companies to promote IT strategies using cloud/mobile IT/digital IT.

The book is divided into three main parts, the first of which (Chapters 1-2) addresses the background and motivation for AIDAF in connection with IT strategies for cloud/mobile IT/digital IT. The second part (Chapter 3) provides an overview of strategic enterprise architecture (EA) frameworks and related models in the era of digital IT, elaborates on the essential elements of EA frameworks in the era of cloud/mobile IT/digital IT, and advocates using AIDAF and related models for architecture assessment/risk management and knowledge management on digital platforms. In turn, the third part (Chapters 4-7) demonstrates the application and benefits of AIDAF and several related approaches/models, as shown in three case studies.

"I found this book to be a very nice contribution to the EA community of practice. I can recommend this book as a textbook for digital IT strategists/practitioners, EA practitioners, students in universities and graduate schools." (From the Foreword by Scott A. Bernard)

"In this new age of the digital information society, it is necessary to advocate a new EA framework. This book provides state-of-the art knowledge and practices about EA frameworks beneficial for IT practitioners, IT strategists, CIO, IT architects, and even students. It serves as an introductory textbook for all who drive the information society in this era."(From the Foreword by Jun Murai)
Springer Verlag, Singapore
158 pp.
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