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50 Essential Tips for the Almost Famous Author: The Things You Already Know But Always Seem to Forget.


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Write, Market & Publish Your First Bestseller FAST!

Start Writing Your Book Today! 50 Power Tips that Will Blow You Away!

Today we are inundated with information overload. Most people do not have the time to read long book filled with philosophies, processes and anything really, that cuts into their most precious commodity - time. What they are searching for are small yet super powerful soundbites that deliver actionable content and super value. We know you want to know how to write a book, both ebook and paperback, and to publish it with all of the publishing secrets - but what about making money off that book?

This book is really a non-nonsense, in your face, fast and effective way to write kickass books. I want to help you write your business book. Not fiction (though that would work too) but how to write your nonfiction book fast and make it your business calling card.

??? Now You Can Write Fast and Cut Your Writing Time in Half!

These tips, when you take action on them, will help you make it as an author or speaker. They teach you how to use your book as the best “foot in the door” you can find. Not to mention, they will keep you on track, teach you some really cool secrets and inspire you to get out there and kick some ass! Most authors are writers and not marketers, and yet that is exactly what you have to be to make it in today's digitally connected world. These 50 tips are merely one page each, yet will make a massive difference in your life if you choose to act on them. They will help you achieve your goals as an author, speaker and entrepreneur. Writing your book fast is not only possible. It's easy and you too can write a business nonfiction bestseller. After you read this quick read, you will be able to write a book & sell it on bookstore sites too. You will start to make money writing, self-publishing, marketing and selling more non-fiction books. My clients have told me that this is the book on writing for people who hate writing and that is it a complete blueprint for writing and selling non-fiction books.

??? The Secret on How to Write a Book Fast and Instantly Make Yourself the Go To Expert in Your Niche!

With this training, some people write a book in a day. Others write a book in 12 hours. Some quickly write and publish in 72 hours. It all depends on you. The ideas in this book will help you from idea to publishing. There is even information for what to do after your book is completed. Maybe you want to do a book launch? Maybe you want to build a complete author platform and position yourself as the go-to person and expert. That is awesome, because that is exactly what this book will help you do. Basically, it is a crash course in how not to suck at writing your first book and how to identify your unique voice and your true passion - for success! I enjoy teaching others how to write and create their own books without a pricey and painful learning curve and how to avoid the inevitable pitfalls that we all run into once in a while.

??? How to Write It, Sell It, and Market It!

Gamified. That is how easy it is. And once the book is done - that is when the real fun begins. By being featured as an expert (the one who wrote the bestselling book!) You will finally be free to work for yourself and live a life of entrepreneurial freedom that you've only been dreaming of until now. Everyone who is "in the know" understands the importance of sharing your personal message in a way that builds trust, relationships and connection with your clients and customers. Make a difference and a fortune sharing your advice today!

Your Book Can Be Finished In 24 Hours - Scroll Up and Grab Your Copy TODAY!

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