Grand Electric Thought Power Mother

WESTVIND, Lale Taal: Engels


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Grand Electric Thought Power Mother is a collection of Lale Westvind's critically acclaimed risograph comics, available for major distribution for the first time, with new work. This highly influential body of work is comprised of epic stories with spiritual themes and a feminist bent. Poetic and intellectual, the content explores the line between thoughts and reality and perception, the nature of energy and consciousness, collective consciousness and experience, and how will and intent can create collective action. It all plays out in narratives of women warriors literally battling and wrestling through these states and concepts against science fiction, mythological and psychic backdrops. Muscular women warriors fill the pages with their energy, power, speed, force, gravity, and weight. This powerful collection fills a space for physically and psychologically strong female characters that is rarely occupied in our culture or comics as a whole. The artwork includes paintings, drawings and illustrated renderings of stills taken from Westvind's video work, primarily in black and white, with cover art and some interior panels in three colors. Comics included in this collection: Now and Here, Other Way, Trial One, Tornar and Riparna; Double Head Tour, Yazar and Arkadas, and Mary. This is the birthing of an entire cast of truly original characters, the likes of which Marvel and DC have not imagined. These are stories which are queer in their essence. They seek to describe that which does not exist yet. Within these tales are countless new technologies, philosophies, creatures and beings; A treasure trove of new ideas. The author sought to explore the idea that thought has an effect on one's surroundings. To explore the beginning of the cosmos. Thought as a force unto itself. Intention as a force of energy to be controlled. Grand Electric Thought Power Mother reads like the found spiritual scripture of an alien world.
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