A Family Affair


The Archer Inn, #4

Kimberly Thomas Serie: The Archer Inn | Taal: Engels

ebook EPUB

€ 3,49

A Family Affair

ebook EPUB

€ 3,49

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The Archer's only son faces the truth and fights to heal the wounds in a family haunted by the past.

Randy has always felt like the misfit of the family. Yes, he's the one who stayed behind—and yes, he was always "there" for his mother and father when they needed him. But after his terrible divorce, his wife trying to take his girls, and then the death of his father being the last straw—he turned to alcohol and found his life slipping away.

But everything in Randy's life is about to change.

Holly, Rina, and Amy have all returned home to pick up the pieces of their lives and build new chapters. Holly, the ever-responsible one, sets to work as head of the Archer Inn, and introduces Randy to the creative and beautiful Marni, a journalist doing researching for a book about architecture in the Florida Keys. For the first time in eons, Randy is captivated.

But Marni has secrets of her own, and she's after a story that will change everything: something that pushes Randy to investigate some of the key people in his life that he trusts the most in his world. As he fights for better relationships with his daughters, assists his sisters in strengthening the Archer Inn, and works day-to-day at the Marina he owns and operates with his best friend, Dean, he senses shifting tides and that something sinister is at play.

It's clear that the people Randy has trusted the most haven't had his best interests at heart.

With Marni by his side, Randy fights for a better future—for himself, for his girls, and for his Florida Keys family. On the way, he might have to tear himself in two and rebuild. But isn't that what growth is all about? It's a family affair all around.

Lose yourself in this new women's fiction series that revolves around friendship, love and loss among the Archer Clan. A heartwarming family saga that has the backdrop of the Florida Keys white sand and crystal blue waters.

For fans of Debbie Macomber, and Caroline Brown.

ebook EPUB
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