Studium Generale Debate Café

dinsdag 20 februari 2018 20:00
Studium Generale Debate Café

20 februari om 20.00 uur is er weer een Debate Café van Studium generale met als onderwerp 

What is the Price of your Privacy?

How Companies collect Data and what they do with it​

Your behaviour is analysed by every online purchases on Amazon, every search on Google or transaction with your credit card. Companies continuously collect data with every click you make and every cookie that you accept. What do they do with these data? When companies demand access to the location of your phone without actually needing it for their applications, is this access still needed for services and research? The line of privacy can easily be crossed. In the world of today everybody faces a trade-off between privacy and convenience that is barley talked or thought about in everyday life. Join us for this diverse Debate Café on the price of your privacy.


Anna Berlee - Lecturer Molengraaff Instituut of Private Law, Utrecht University; PhD researcher Maastricht European Private Law Institute (MEPLI). Research interests: Property, Privacy & Data Protection, Internet of Things, Law and Technology, Fintech (including Blockchain) and Teaching Methods.

Matthias Matthiesen - Senior Manager, Privacy & Public Policy, IAB Europe (Interactive Advertising Bureau). Responsible for European data protection and privacy policy.

Apostolis Zarras – Assistant Professor Department of Data Science and Knowledge Engineering, Maastricht University. Research interests include: systems, network, and web security. Zarras received his PhD in IT Security from the Ruhr-University Bochum. He also hold a M.Sc. and B.Sc. in Computer Science from the University of Crete. Before joining Maastricht University, Zarras was a postdoctoral researcher at Technical University of Munich.

Paul Breitbarth – Director of EU Certification Research and Senior Solutions Advisor for Nymity, a Canadian privacy research organization, visiting fellow at the European Centre for Privacy en Cybersecurity at Maastricht University, member of the provincial Council in South Holland. 


Cosimo Monda - Director of the Maastricht European Centre on Privacy and Cybersecurity, Faculty of Law, MU

This Debate Cafe is organized by SCOPE and Studium Generale. It covers important recent developments in science and society. It’s a meeting place for experts, researchers and students. The Debate Cafe will be held in an informal setting. A panel of experts will talk about their research and its relation to and impact on society. Everyone in the audience can go into debate with the panel and exchange views and ideas.

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