Magical Harry Potter evening NO MORE TICKETS AVAILABLE!!!

vrijdag 22 september 2017 20:00
Magical Harry Potter evening NO MORE TICKETS AVAILABLE!!!


A unique evening for Harry Potter fans in a unique setting! Friday the 22nd of September 2017 Bookshop Dominicanen, together with the Young Adult Dome, will organize THE Harry Potter fan evening of the year. To conclude the Young Adult week, all witches, wizards and muggles are invited for a magical evening in our beautiful Dominican church in Maastricht.

This year we celebrate the fact that the Dominican church has been a bookshop for ten years now and how much fun is it to celebrate it together with Harry Potter, who exists 20 years this year?

Bookshop Dominicanen will be filled with magic. Our bookshop for one night in a totally different light.

Of course there will be a nice program put together with magical snacks, a drink, a Harry Potter quiz, a sorting ceremony, stands with books and merchandise and of course Harry Potter music. The characters of Harry Potter will also be joining the festivities. Professor Albus Dumbledore will give a welcoming speech, professor Severus Snape will be teaching you all about magic potions and you can take a selfie with professor Minerva McGonagall. And much more suprises...

There will be a program so make sure you are present around 20:00 so that you don't miss annything. 

You are free to wear muggle clothes or to put on your magical cloak!




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In cooperation with Best of YA (Unieboek/Het Spectrum) and Van Ditmar.


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