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Macbet & King Liar


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A unique read and gift for anyone in finance… THE VILLAINS OF THE WORLD’S BIGGEST FINANCIAL TRAGEDIES… Madoff, Enron, Arthur Andersen, Goldman Sachs, Lehman Brothers, RBS CEO Fred ‘the Shred’ Goodwin, Greensill … COME TOGETHER ON A PRIVATE OFFSHORE ISLAND … … AS SHAKESPEARE’S FAMOUS CHARACTERS … King Liar, Enroneo, King Arthur, Macbet, Floathello, Hamfred ‘the Shred’, the Merchant Banker of Bundaberg … TO ARRANGE THE ULTIMATE FINANCIAL TRAGEDY… … FOLLOWED BY SOME 25 OF THE BEST KNOWN SHORT POEMS … … rewritten into a financial setting … “Delightful and witty tales, the author eruditely introduces a charade of colourful characters, like a carnival parade. I truly enjoyed reading about those cases and their crooks, cranks and careerists. And remember: many of these perps have gone to prison.“ GERT DEMMINK HEAD OF ENFORCEMENT, CENTRAL BANK OF THE UNITED ARAB EMIRATES “Erik Vrij has done it again. In his new book he has taken some of the greatest writing in the English language and turned it into stories of financial tragedy that are suitable for younger people and adults to read and learn from. A master story teller.” IAN MORLEY CHAIRMAN, WENTWORTH HALL FOUNDER CHAIRMAN, ALTERNATIVE INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATION “Shakespeare’s plays are peopled by what most would consider villains. Yet they are recognisable humans – with recognisable flaws. They make choices that result in disastrous consequences. This play transports that phenomenon into the world of high finance; and leads to a tragedy of Shakespearean proportions.” COLIN DAVID REESE SHAKESPEAREAN ACTOR AND DIRECTOR Erik Vrij has been a banking and investment lawyer with global banks for over 25 years. Outside of work, he has a passion for writing fiction aimed at entertaining and thrilling like-minded people interested in finance, business and law. His first novel, a legal business thriller entitled “White Ink”, became the first ever fictional work to be published by a prominent law publisher. It went on to become a top 10 thriller debut in the Netherlands and was used by a leading bank and Montblanc as relationship gifts. The English edition was a no 1 fiction publishing project on Kickstarter.com and sold in over 30 countries. He self-published “One Billion and One Dirham – Financial Fairy Tales”, a collection of some of the best known fairy tales, rewritten to be set in the world of finance. It became the no. 1 of all publishing projects on Kickstarter.com and sold in over 20 countries. This book was born out of fun and challenge to rewrite famous works of another genre into a financial setting: poetry. It again became a no 1 publishing project on Kickstarter, this time in the Poetry category.
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