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Don’t miss these three rereleased stories—complete as a box set for the first time! These male strippers have all the right moves…until they each meet a woman who brings them to their knees…

In Stripped Down, Eric Reeves is the CEO of a real estate development firm that's on the cusp of a huge breakthrough. But first he has to earn a living…by becoming Dalton Chase, the most sought-after stripper at Beaux Hommes, one of Seattle's exclusive adult clubs. Cass Jameson hires Dalton for her best friend's bachelorette party, but from the moment he steps through the door, nothing can stop the primal need between them—nothing except their real identities.

In Wound Up, Justin Maxwell is celebrating his last night as a stripper before he starts his career as a psychologist. Then he spies Grace Cooper in the audience. He's wanted her for years, but as his student, she'd been off-limits. Grace and Justin are through skirting around their fierce need for each other. But indulging in their shared insatiable desire could cost both of them their futures…

In Pulled Under, Levi Walsh becomes the proud part owner of Beaux Hommes. But as he goes over the books, he realizes something is very wrong. And then IRS investigator Harper Banks comes knocking. Harper is determined not to notice that Levi is seriously sexy—because she’s certain that he’s lying to her. To get the bare truth, she'll have to strip him down…and pull him under…

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