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His Intern


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Stephen takes full advantage of every perk that comes along with being the youngest billionaire in the world. Every. Single. One. But unfortunately, he's discovered the one thing he can't buy—the beautiful girl he grew up next door to.

But all that changes when he gets a phone call from his father, the old demon himself. It seems that little Diana has grown into a gutsy twenty-one-year-old woman. And, she finally wants something that only he can give, to become the head of their Fortune 500 company's non-profit department.

Stephen comes up with a naughty plan. If she can make it through his intense internship program, she can have the position. But in order to secure it, she's going to learn just as much about the business world as she'll learn about how to pleasure a man.

His half angel next-door-neighbor might fight him every step of the way. The perfect alpha female to his alpha male, but his ability to read her mind means he'll be giving her exactly what she's never been brave enough to ask for.

~His Intern is episode one and is roughly 2,000 words. It is an erotic story with sexy scenes and characters who are over eighteen. It's meant as a fun break from reality. So enjoy!~

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